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Sam Blood

Raven (Book Two in the Shadows Series)

Raven (Book Two in the Shadows Series)

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Be Your Own Hero.

Phoebe is a gifted hacker, living rough on the streets of Auckland. She's given a chance at another life when her idol, billionaire tech entrepreneur Melissa Cameron, hires her to track down a dangerous killer named Raven.

Raven wants revenge on Melissa's team. He's mutating stranded Shadows into mindless monsters as part of a sinister agenda. Phoebe will have to look into the darkest corners of her city and confront her deepest fears if she is to save her new oddball family.

Griffin's story is only just beginning. But before then, an evil called Raven was born. Before then, Phoebe worked with the Camerons to achieve the impossible. This is their story.

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